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As we all know that public electricity has been cut for a long time and the alternative option for many of us then is either the use of solar energy or conduction through commercial electricity at high prices, but there are those who stopped unable to get any of those options and orphan candles are their companion and their eyes in darkness The night throughout this period ..

We conducted field surveys and limited the number of housing units to be targeted and most needed in the capital Sana’a, prepared the work plan, and assessed the type of need.

With the help of God and then the support of the benefactors, led by the initiative of “known right”, the project of solar lighting, “Siraj,” which we hope to be a suitable alternative for them to provide the minimum necessary for electricity.

We will continue to provide assistance and assistance as long as we are able to do so, and are willing to cooperate and work with everyone in the service of the needy.

And the fruit was a joyful look in the faces of the needy after the lifting of the suffering instead of that sorrow ..

Thank you to all the supporters