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Problem Statement:

During the past years, Yemen went through very critical humanitarian conditions. According to the United Nations reports, more than 15 million people in Yemen suffer from difficult access to safe drinking water. Millions of Yemeni’s lack environmental sanitation services. The high incidence osf poverty where the poorest group is concentrated, in addition to the fact that these areas are vulnerable to natural disasters that may increase level of society poverty and since they rely on children and women to bring water; therefore, looking for drinking water sources requires long queues that can last for hours which beings a negative impact even on children’s educational attainment.

About Us:

The project started on 22-11-2017 as youth initiative through social networking sites. Our goal was to mobilize 1000 tanks in most of neighborhoods in the capital Sana’a and the surrounding areas that are most in need. After achieving the goal on 01-02-2018, we turned the idea into a project to ensure Periodic collection for water tanks that have been approved according to reports from surveys for the target areas as well as the installation of new tanks along with repair and maintenance of a number of reservoirs in some areas.

General Objective:

Provide clean water for families who are living in the poorest areas along with areas where displaced people settled.

Strategic Objectives:

✓ Provide psychological stability for our targeted people by affording clean water periodically.

✓ Install new tanks in the areas most needed and mobilized periodically to avoid the transfer as well as use of contaminated water from other areas.

✓ Maintenance and re-operation of suspended tanks.

✓ Raise awareness about cleanliness of reservoirs as well as take care of health and environmental aspects too.

Targeted Areas:

We are focusing on areas with very high population as well as poores areas.


We are currently targeting 5,616 families: 34,969 citizens.

Our project provided 34,290,000 liters of water in the targeted areas until 31/5/2018.

Minimum daily consumption per household in target areas: 100 liters per day which means 3000 liters per month; therefore, the value of water saving per household per month is $ 7.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us as mentioned below:

Mob.: +967 737177076